Facial hair removal has never been more simple


Monday 20th July 2009

Excess, unwanted hair on the face can be an embarrassing problem, however facial hair removal has never been simpler thanks to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal treatment.

Whether you have a bit too much hair across the top of the lip, or a few noticable longer hairs around the chin area, facial hair removal treatments can give you a smoother, hair-free face and its results are long-lasting.

See what Kuldeep has to say about her hair removal treatments:

Facial hair can arise during pregnancy and due to other hormone imbalances, for example when using HRT. If you are pregnant, you will not be given treatment, however in most other cases, treatment is very simple. It is worth noting that IPL doesn’t work on red, white or grey hair, however most unwanted hair is darker, hence why it causes such a problem.

IPL, often called laser facial hair removal, works by the therapist placing the machine on the affected area to deliver bursts of light from the IPL machine, which heat the hair follicles and make the root incapable of further hair growth. You may need several treatments because IPL only eradicates those hairs that are in the growth stage.

If you are worried or embarrassed by you facial hair and are sick of waxing and bleaching, we do offer a confidential consulation to everyone to assess whether you are compatible with the treatment. There’s absolutely no obligation to go ahead with the treatment, and is available to those who live near or can travel to Leeds, Manchester or Chester for treatment.


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