Sun Protection – how can you stay safe this summer?


Wednesday 1st July 2009

It’s that time of year when all the lifestyle programmes and magazines start telling you what to do and what not to do in the sun, making the topic of sun protection a bit of a minefield.

Our very own Peter Beard featured on BBC Radio Leeds’ breakfast show yesterday, giving advice to all the listeners on staying safe in the sun. (Listen at the link above at 1hr 50 mins approx.)

Now SkinGenesis has come up with a really simple Sun Protection Guide to give everyone the low down on sunscreens, UV rays – both A and B – nutrition and even what to wear!

The Guide can tell you approximately how many minutes you can remain in the sun for before burning. It even explains why your diet is extremely important in the summer months, for example, did you know that topping up your folic acid or eating more tomato ketchup can stop you from burning…

Intrigued? Read More.

Taking a little extra caution in the sun, could save you from a lifetime of skin problems and complications. The Guide provides all the information you need to stay safe this season, so that you can concentrate on having fun!


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