Lunchtime salad or Big Mac? Can’t decide!


Friday 26th June 2009

There have been stories in the news this week about that sensible, ‘goodgirl’ salad you reach for everyday on your lunchtime, could be as menacing as a big fat greasy Big Mac!

Research has shown that many salads that you buy from the highstreet contain as much, if not more fat, than your average junk food burger. In fact you might say that you would be healthier eating a Big Mac everyday for lunch than some pre-packed salads.

However before you ditch the rabbit food in favour of your favourite burger joint, how about making up your own fresh salad each morning? That way you know exactly what is going into your lunch and can keep tabs on how many calories you’re consuming everyday. Fatty foods can have a devastating effect on your skin, making it dull, greasy and can lead to clogged pores. We all know what that means… ADULT ACNE ALERT!

To prevent breakouts and lead a healthier lifestyle, check out our tops tips on nutrition. Making small changes to your daily routine can dramatically improve your appearance, all it takes is a little extra effort!

Skin health checks can identify where you need to make changes too, or take a look at our chemical peel demonstration below, which is great for people who want better skin.


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