Semi-permanent make-up – look your best, even in your sleep!


Wednesday 17th June 2009

Waking up late and running out of the house with no make-up on can be a thing of the past thanks to micropigmentation!

What if you no longer had to get up half an hour early on a morning to put on your make up before you leave the house? What if you could go on holiday and sunbathe without wondering whether your make up has smudged in the heat? And what if you could go on a night out with the girls knowing that you looked fabulous all night, even at 3am whilst you’re queuing for a taxi?!

Well now you can.

Semi-permanent make-up provides a way to enhance your image and look gorgeous, 24 hours a day – that’s right, even when you’re sleeping!

You can now permanently wear eyeliner, lipstick and even have fuller-looking eyebrows or eyelashes in one simple treatment. Just think about how much money you spend on make up a month, and how much time and effort you spend each morning applying it.

Guide prices are as follows, and all include a second application after 3 months.

  • Brows from £360
  • Eye treatments from £370
  • Lip treatments from £425

Refresher treatments/upkeep are just £200*

Perfect for short eyebrows, thin stumpy eyelashes and thin, ageing lips… Tell us what you think about semi-permanent make-up!

*Prices refer to those charged at SkinGenesis only. Other clinics will vary.


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