Sun protection for homeless people’s skin


Monday 15th June 2009

It was announced today that homeless people across Edinburgh will be given free high factor sunscreens this summer to protect their skin against sun damage and skin cancer, by charity Sunwise.

It is important for everyone to protect their skin and we feel that because homeless people spend so much time outdoors, it is extremely important for them to seek shade and cover up in what has so far been quite a hot summer already.

Skin cancer is on the up according to recent figures, so it makes sense to hand out free suncream to those who can’t afford it themselves. Ideally it would be great if this could be rolled out amongst all the major UK cities and even other groups of people in addition to the homeless – whether it will or not is another question.

As leading skincare experts, we would advise everyone to wear at least a factor 20 sun lotion and to make sure it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. There are many varieties available in the chemists and you don’t always have to go for the ‘best brand’ or most expensive. Check out reviews, as there are usually many at this time of year.

In addition to cancer, the sun can wreak havoc on the skin by causing free radicals, which are the little menacing little things that cause wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet – meaning you will have to spend oodles of money on anti-ageing treatments. Pigmented skin, sun spots and the need for freckle removal can also be caused by too much sun, which can too be treated by specialist skin treatments.


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