Fat reduction treatments for that bikini body


Wednesday 10th June 2009

Are you looking forward to your summer holiday, but absolutely terrified of sporting that brand new skimpy bikini?

Fat reduction treatments can help give you the confidence to wear what you want, including bikinis, by the method of targeted mesotherapy, which over a course of treatments can take inches off the waist, thighs and hips!

And it’s not just women who can benefit from this miraculous treatment, take a look at how Lewis had Isophoresis mesotherapy at SkinGenesis to shift his stubborn fat.

Mesotherapy is the technique of introducing concentrated natural ingredients, such as amino acids that are normally found in the body, in very small quantities. These target precise areas of the body where they go to work mobilising the troublesome fat.

No needles, no liposuction and no risk of burning, bruising or scabbing – most people resume normal daily activities after leaving the clinic.

Visit our new website for more info: www.skingenesis.co.uk


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