Teenage botox addicts – anti ageing treatments


Thursday 28th May 2009

We were shocked to read on Google this morning that a mother in the US had bought her teenage daughter Botox injections for her 18th birthday.

The girl had developed a complex with her ‘wrinkles’ on her forehead (something i’m fairly sure to say we all have). Whilst most teenage girls ask for an expensive pair of shoes or a new designer handbag for their 18th, this was obviously upsetting the girl so much that her mum, also a cosmetic surgery fanatic, splashed out on a course of Botox treatments for her instead.

Botox can have great effects for people who are worried about their fine lines and wrinkles and would like an anti-ageing treatment that’s guaranteed to work, however most teenagers have other things on their mind like going to university, seeking acne treatment and going out with their friends. I feel sorry for the girl if this really was a psychological problem, however becoming a botox addict at 18 to me seems extremely worrying.

What are your thoughts on this?

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