UV imaging sun damage – anti-ageing treatments


Monday 27th April 2009

UV imaging and skin analysis can reveal dark secrets about your skin that you yourself never even knew. Sun damage lies deep underneath the skin, not always visible to the naked eye and that’s where UV image skin analysis can help.

If you have spent years sunbathing in Spain or the Caribbean, or even just here in the UK, and especially if you didn’t religiously wear a sunscreen, you could have damaged your skin without realising.

An expert skin analysis can show up all the damaged areas of your skin under effective UV lighting. The results will not produce the prettiest portrait you’ve ever had, however it will open your eyes to the dangers of the sun and help you realise that you might actually be aging twice as fast as you should be, all in the name of getting that perfect tan!

Do you live near Leeds, Manchester or Chester? If you do, we would like volunteers to have an expert skin analysis carried out for a campaign around Sun Awareness Week. If you’re interested, get in touch with us. There’s no catch, we just need some case studies.

If you’ve always wondered whether the sun has permanently damaged your skin, and want to learn how you can rectify it with anti-ageing treatments and skin rejuvenation, the expert skin analysis may be for you.


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