Natural targeted fat reduction… an alternative to new diet pill, Orlistat


Tuesday 21st April 2009

A new diet pill is available from today in the UK over-the-counter at chemists, however before everyone gets excited and heads off to Boots, you can only obtain the pill with a prescription from your doctor and only as part of a structured dietary regime.

Fat reduction is an alternative to diet pills. See our last post for more details: How to lose fat naturally. As non-surgical cosmetic experts, SkinGenesis provides a specialist treatment for reducing unwanted fat all over the body via the method of Mesotherapy and unlike diet pills, it is available to everyone.

The new diet pill is available from your GP and costs around £50 for a months supply. It is not right for everyone. In fact, it can cause some horrible side effects when not used properly and in conjunction with a specially formulated diet plan.

It works by blocking the absorption of fat in the body, aimed at people with a BMI of 28 or more. You MUST reduce your fat intake otherwise serious side effects can occur. Continuing to eat normal levels of fat whilst taking Orlistat can cause excessive diarrhoea and bad wind – something that could take its toll on your health over a few months, and obviously could prove quite embarrassing in public!

Mesotherapy is a proven method of targeted fat reduction and has limited, if not no adverse side effects whatsoever. Once you’ve had your treatment, you can resume your normal routine immediately and not have to worry about resting or dashing to the loo. Watch Eporex fat reduction mesotherapy on Richard and Judy here.

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3 Responses to “Natural targeted fat reduction… an alternative to new diet pill, Orlistat”

  1. Natural targeted fat reduction… an alternative to new diet pill, Orlistat Says:

    […] Original post by skingenesishayley […]

  2. Hoodia Says:

    Yeah, I think it’s useful for me as i used many pills but no effect.

  3. sean jay Says:

    Shame about the side effects. Its important to exercise where possible too when taking diet pills. Yeah reducing fat intake is sound advice as no pill alone will make u lose weight. You have to look at your diet too 🙂

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