Scar removal treatment – natural or medical?


Tuesday 14th April 2009

Scars serve no more purpose than to remind you of the trauma you suffered in receiving the ugly skin blemish in the first place, so if someone was to offer you a scar removal treatment in the form of a new drug, would you take it?

The University of Manchester started the development of a new wonder drug that lessens the appearance of scars, and now a company called Renovo has taken over its development. However scar removal treatments that stimulate natural responses in your skin can be far more effective than any medical treatments.

In the clinical trials of the new drug, volunteers were given a small incision of 1cm, then injected with the new drug at one end of the scar, and with a placebo drug at the other end. Although the drug did appear to reduce the appearance and severity of the scar, it remained visible. Another drawback is that the trials were conducted in a controlled environment, whereas in reality, scars could be a lot more severe, meaning the drug might not work so well.

Microdermabrasion, Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) and regenerative skin peels can work miracles on scar tissue. No need for new drugs that you may be apprehensive about using, these treatments are completely natural and stimulate your skin to produce effects it normally would do, just much faster!

Scarring can cause unnecessary upset, lack of confidence and can affect anyone of any age. Whether it’s acne scar treatment, or traditional scars caused by falls or injuries, scar removal treatment works on most types of scar.


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