Acne Treatments on Facebook… the best advice



Friday 1st April 2009

We were going to do an April Fool this morning, but as we’ve read so many in our  inboxes already, we will spare you yet another! Instead we want to tell you about acne treatment on Facebook!

It’s never been easier to seek advice on what is the best acne treatment because by clicking the links to SkinGenesis’ Facebook Pages below, you can ask us anything you like about acne.

We can tell you about all the latest treatments available, such as IPL, microdermabrasion, skin peels and even mesotherapy if it’s really severe. Don’t bury your head and let acne get you down. Leave us a Facebook message today and our expert therapists will get back to you asap. Our treatments are guaranteed to work, leaving you ready to regain your confidence!

Become a fan of:

SkinGenesis Leeds

SkinGenesis Manchester

SkinGenesis Chester

Everyone is welcome, even if you are from elsewhere in the UK!

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