Thread vein removal – imagine life without them


Friday 27th March 2009

Thread veins are extremely common and can often cause people lots of upset and discontentment with their skin. Thread vein removal is fast increasing in popularity and with today’s advanced treatments, thread veins can be a thing of the past.

Thread veins are common amongst people who have had jobs in the outdoors, or those who might take part in a great deal of outdoor activities, but you needn’t let your vanity stop you from enjoying your job or hobbies.

Often referred to as ‘spider vein treatment’, we use cutting edge IPL treatments, using technology that is more powerful than most laser treatments. Whats more, it is kinder to your skin too, reducing any risks. In fact, risks are so minimal you won’t even be left with any bruising, as most people expect.

IPL works by encouraging natural processes in the skin to act and gradually, over a course of treatments, the thread veins disappear – a little bit like how a regular bruise would disappear.

Speaking of SPIDER veins… take a look at this YouTube video – a world record of having the most spiders on the body for 30 seconds!!

To find out more about thread vein removal, call one of our clinics in Leeds, Manchester or Chester.

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