Skin Care Products cause increase in skin diseases


Monday 23rd March 2009

Soap, face wash, shower gel, shampoo, moisturisers, make up, deodorant, perfume … all of them contain chemicals and most of us will probably use all of the above, every morning. It’s just routine.

However researchers have indicated that the excessive use of such products could be the cause of an increase in certain skin diseases, especially eczema and sometimes acne. Too much washing definitely dries out the skin, and the chemicals used in products take out all the grease and natural moisturisers in our skin.

Over-washing, or using too much acne treatment gels or creams can worsen the situation and make your skin more sore. Skin diseases such as acne are not just going to vanish overnight, the best acne treatment will work over time, so anyone trying to treat their skin will have to be patient to see the best results.

Children are encouraged to use soaps and other cleansing products from a very early age, and on delicate skin, these chemicals can have a harsher effect. However this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be clean! We would recommend being selective with the products that you do use, using gentle cleansers such as Simple products or ones that are specifically formulated to treat certain skin conditions.

With acne for example, cleansing your face on a morning and on a night before bed should be sufficient to help clear spots, but not overly excessive to cause unwanted drying or inflammatory effects.

Read about acne treatments here.

Read more about skin care products in “the truth about your cosmetics bag” here

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