Hair today, gone tomorrow – permanent hair removal


Thursday 19th March 2009

Shaving, waxing, plucking, epilation, depilatories, electrolysis…

How often do you get up on a morning to have a quick shower and then realise you have to shave your legs, so it takes twice as long? Or perhaps you dread taking that four-weekly trip to the beauticians only to waxed to the high heavens, leaving you red, blotchy and in pain?

More and more people are starting to wonder about permanent hair removal techniques, one of the most effective methods being Variable Pulsed Light therapy (VPL), and is the most advanced IPL system available. We have been using it for six years now and have consistently seen dramatic, lasting results on our clients, so it might be worth a thought.

VPL effectively removes hair from any part of the body and significantly reduces the chance of it growing back, unlike shaving and waxing. With a few repeated treatments you should see impressive results and will feel confident enough to wear anything.

Watch our video on YouTube and see how permanent hair removal has changed the life of Kuldeep.

Imagine having 15 minutes extra in bed on a morning because you don’t have to shave.

Imagine the amount of water, electricity and money you will save by not having to run the shower for so long.

And ouch! Imagine not having to go for the dreaded bikini line wax?!

No pain, but all the gains! Look into how IPL hair removal can help you and there’s also a £25 trial hair removal treatment.

Read more about natural hair removal here.

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