Non-surgical skin treatments gain popularity as cosmetic surgery plummets


Monday 16th March 2009

A report by The Times has revealed that the number of people opting for cosmetic surgery is dwindling as the economic downturn continues to spiral deeper into depression. Non-surgical skin treatments are however gaining popularity, offering a cheaper, less invasive option that produces noticable results that last.

Non-surgical treatments stimulate natural responses in the body, providing a safer, more affordable way to get the body and skin that you’ve always wanted. Expert Peter Beard said: “Even though people have tightened their purse strings, people are saving more money, just incase it’s needed one day. People are also still buying themselves little treats to keep their spirits up, however whilst it used to be a £6000 tummy tuck, it’s now a much more justifiable £525 course of seven Eporex Targeted Fat Reduction treatments.”

Mesotherapy provides a great way to lose fat, firm the breasts and get rid of cellulite, in fact our genuine before and after photos show just how effective this treatment can be.

Surgery is not something you should decide to have without lots of thought and consideration. Having surgery will permanently change any part of your body, which is why it’s so important to choose the best surgeon with the best track record, instead of searching for the cheapest option.

Have you switched from surgical to natural cosmetic treatments? Share your stories and questions here.


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