Sunburn alert technology will prevent skin cancer


Friday 13th March 2009

Imagine lying on an exotic beach and instead of worrying about whether your shoulders have burned, you had an alarm clock that told you exactly when you’ve had enough time in the sun.

We all worry about the damaging effects of the sun and what we can use as anti-aging treatments to counteract these devastating effects on the skin. An Expert Skin Analysis can help stop sun damage in its tracks by identifying exactly how much damage has been done so you can start to rectify it.

Well researchers may have found a breakthrough technology that will help prevent all us sensitive skin types from getting sunburned from over-exposure!

Still in its early days, the technology could be developed into a wristband or clothing label that turns pink before your skin does! This would be an ideal product for parents to protect their little one’s skin, as well as adults who find it hard to drag themselves into the shade when they think they’ve had enough!

This could be the end of men looking like lobsters on Mediterranean beaches, the end of women having to wear strapless tops to avoid the pain of fabric rubbing against sunburned skin, the end of your children ruining your holiday, crying because they can’t bear the sting of their scorched skin.

This of course is not an alternative to sunscreen, infact you should wear an SPF on the face and neck everyday, not just whilst you’re on holiday to avoid any wrinkles or sun damage to the skin.

We’re very impressed… are you?


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