Don’t forget the FACE-NECK connection in your wrinkle treatment


Wednesday 11th March 2009

So many people seem to forget that the skin on the face is actually connected to the skin on the neck and that the neck is as equally exposed to the sun and elements as our face is – so why oh why do many of us neglect our necks so much when it comes to moisturiser, sunscreen and wrinkle treatment?

Glamour Magazine’s blog writers have quite rightly pointed out that Belinda Carlisle’s beautiful, youthful face just doesn’t match up to her wrinkled, aging neck. Now i can hear you all shouting ‘Botox!’, ‘Dermal Fillers!’, ‘Face Lift!’ to me as you read this, however judging by Belinda’s face in the photo, she still has the wrinkles around her eyes and mouth that many of us develop with age… so maybe she hasn’t had any ‘work done’.

What she does have tell-tale signs of is an aging neck, indicating that whatever rich moisturiser she uses on her facial skin, she certainly doesn’t use on her neck. People make a conscious effort to have anti-aging treatments such as microdermabrasion to their face, but not a few inches lower.

Watch SkinGenesis’ demonstration of microdermabrasion on YouTube and rate our clip.

The neck and hands are usually sure-fire ways for a person to guess your real age, so don’t let this forgotten skin give away your youthful secret! Invest in an extra bottle of moisturiser or sunscreen today and slap it on!


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