Anti aging treatments – Jen says ‘grow old naturally


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Tuesday 10th March 2009

When it comes to anti aging treatment, it’s hard to decide which ones are best for you, but Jennifer Aniston believes that cosmetic surgery and more invasive procedures like Botox can actually make you look older!

She might have a point. Afterall, everyone knows the signature ‘frozen’ look that comes with Botox, you just have to look at all the other 40-something celebrities that cannot bear to put up with a few wrinkles. Jen admits having ‘dabbled’ with Botox in the past, however said she would never go through it again as it made her head feel like a big old weight on her shoulders!

Jen has pledged to grow old gracefully and naturally – something that echoes our last post about Barbie’s birthday and how we should use this week as an opportunity to re-evaluate our anti-aging regimes. Growing old gracefully doesn’t have to mean looking like a wrinkled up bulldog. It simply means you don’t have to go to extremes to slow down the process of time.

Tissue remodelling, SkinGym, Expert Skin Analysis – all are programmes that can help you look years younger and use methods such as IPL, microdermabrasion, regenerative skin peels and mesotherapy – all fantastic and 100% natural ways of revealing a younger you that fits with your real age.


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One Response to “Anti aging treatments – Jen says ‘grow old naturally”

  1. Julie Says:

    Great job putting this together! I recently ran into The Patients Advantage when looking for Microdermabrasion specialists. It’s a great way to find the best surgeons and it is completely free. Check them out (

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