Acne Treatment: Natural or medicine?


Thursday 26th February 2009

Tragic stories about a boy in Wales have hit the news recently, who died after suffering an allergic reaction to some pills that had been prescribed by his doctor to treat acne. This may put people off taking antibiotics as the best acne treatment, therefore it’s worth highlighting the natural alternatives available.

Cases like this are extremely rare, so there is no reason to cause public outcry. However modern acne treatment like intense pulsed light therapy (IPL), microdermabrasion, skin peels and even mesotherapy – they are all acne treatments that stimulate natural responses in the skin, making getting rid of your spots, blemishes and acne scarsĀ safer and can put your mind at rest.

There are virtually no risks involved with any of the above and you can read about all four acne treatments in depth.

IPL: light energy is absorbed by the skin naturally and the skin is stimulated to increase the rate at which new skin is produced

Microdermabrasion: is a mechanical exfoliation of the outer dead layer of skin and can be very enjoyable and therapeutic!

Skin Peels: involves applying layers of chemicals on the area to be treated and allowing the chemicals to react, so dead skin cells are removed from the surface – these are not as painful as people make out, discomfort during our skin peels usually lasts for a few minutes, if any at all.

Mesotherapy: a natural medicine technique that stimulates the middle layer of the skin – usually used only on severe cases of acne.

Watch our acne treatment testimonial on YouTube!

Visit our website for more info, or leave us a comment for more information on any of the above – we’re always happy to help and pass on our expertise.


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