Too much Wii = need for skin analysis?


Tuesday 24th February 2009

How many hours do you spend playing on the PlayStation or Nintendo Wii? Half and hour? A couple of hours per day? Maybe more. If you do, you better watch out that you don’t develop ‘Wii-itus’ or ‘PlayStation palmar hidradenitis’…

Yes apparently The British Association of Dermatologists have found a link between a new skin disorder and playing on a games console for too long, too often. Too much play can cause sores to develop on the palms of your hands, usually found on the soles of children’s feet who engage in too much joggin or running.

It is thought to be caused by sweating during physical activity – the tight grip around the plastic handset, the sweat caused by the excitement and adrenaline of the game etc.

Don’t worry though, if you have developed these sores, a week to two weeks spent off the PlayStation and doing something outdoors to get air to your hands should do the trick.

Now we don’t have any expertise on games console-related skin disorders, but if you’ve noticed anything weird on your skin lately and would like to get it checked out, you can get a skin analysis at SkinGenesis.


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