Do Geordies really have a thicker skin?


Thursday 19th February 2009

What is it about the North East? If you’ve ever been out in Newcastle, you will probably have noticed that nearly everyone wasn’t wearing a coat, even if the temperature outside was freeeeeezing! But is this really because Geordies actually, literally have a thicker skin than their Southern counterparts, or simply just a cultural thing?

I love the North East having spent my uni years there and starting my career there, and I have to say, in the four years that I lived up North, I probably didn’t wear a coat on a night out once – especially when i was a student. Which makes me think it’s a cultural thing.

A project consisting of an online questionnaire will survey Geordies to find out whether they are naturally warmer out in the cold. It is part of Newcastle’s ScienceFest, which lasts for 10-days, and will investigate whether there is a genetic link to the Toon’s hardiness or whether it’s simply just a matter of showing off your new togs and not having to worry about finding a cloakroom!

Again, I personally think it’s a culture thing. No one else takes a coat, so you brave the weather and forget about shivering! Either that or it’s just so cold up there that your body goes numb and you’re unable to feel how freezing you are! (Actually this is probably more correct!)

All I know is that when i go out anywhere else, i can’t bear the cold and I at least wear a jacket – as my mum used to tell me every Saturday night, ‘you’ll catch your death of cold wearing that’!

Of course, if you’re like the geordie dancer there’s no probelm keeping warm!

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