It’s Friday 13th! Any nightmares?!


Friday 13th February 2009

Arrrrgh! It’s Friday 13th and i’m sure i’m not the only one who is dreading something going wrong today! I have to say, so far so good, however i don’t want to speak too soon.

I’m quite a superstitious person… I don’t walk under ladders, walk over three drains, I salute a magpie when i see it on its own… etc etc… so i am being especially careful today! Tonight is the celebration of my friend’s birthday, so I was half expecting to have woken up to huge rash on my face or hair like a bird’s nest! But so far, and others might disagree (!), I am looking pretty normal!

Anyway, we want to know about your Friday 13th experiences… let us know what’s happened to you today – good and bad!



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