I can’t get no sleep!


Thursday 12th February 2009

Health gurus and admittedly, us – we’re always banging on about the risks of smoking, drinking and eating too much, however lack of sleep has recently been identified as equally hazardous, which is essential for good mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Everyone has their own prefered sleep patterns. I for example like around 6 hours sleep per night, which helps me to get up on time and start the day on a positive note. Any more or any less than that and I want to sleep in all day!

Getting enough sleep therefore appears to be part and parcel of the much publicised ‘healthy lifestyle’. As we live in a time where people work hard and party harder, it’s no wonder people aren’t getting enough sleep. Our skin is our body’s main organ and a lack of sleep can have drastic, tiring effects on the skin. You know what i’m talking about, those mornings when you’ve had the best sleep ever… you actually feel like sleeping beauty and this shows in your skin. Glowing and radiant!

The BBC pointed out that inadequate levels of sleep can lead to further diseases in the long term and it’s getting to the point where we live as a ‘tired society’, relying on coffee and caffeine kicks to wake us up!


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