Jennifer Aniston turns 40 and looks fab! No need for anti aging treatment?


Wednesday 11th February 2009

Can you believe Jennifer Aniston has turned 40?! She doesn’t look a day over 30! Now we know from reading the celeb mags that Jen is an avid fan of exercise and healthy eating and she is the perfect advert for why it is so important to keep your body in tip top shape!

Sure Jen might have had only best facial treatments and personal trainers available, however you can try all the anti-aging treatments in the world, but if you don’t make a conscious effort to take care of yourself, the effects – if any – will not be very long lasting. You will always get a better result from any cosmetic treatment if you follow a healthy balanced eating plan and engage in regular exercise.

Don’t worry, we’re not saying that you need to join a £60-a-month gym to burn those calories or start shopping up and down M&S’s organic aisles – all we mean is that once you start an anti-aging regime, a daily powerwalk to work or with the dog, coupled with your 5 portions of fruit and veg and plenty of water, should see you well on your way to looking fabulous at 40, and even 50!

And with so many effective anti-aging treatments on the market, it’s difficult to choose which one is right for you. It usually depends how quickly you want to look younger! A surgical face-lift for example will instantly lift and tighten your skin, revealing a brighter you. However there is recovery time involved and you run the risks that come with any cosmetic surgery, and if this worries you, it might be worth thinking about non-surgical alternatives.

Besides the well-known Botox and dermal fillers, SkinGym™, for example is an anti aging treatment that can rejuvenate the skin in 40 days. Microdermabrasion, mesotherapy and peels also provide expert anti-aging effects. Not only do you end up looking years younger, you can achieve results gradually… so people might not notice and you don’t have to give away your secret!


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