When, oh when will the snow just go?!


Thursday 5th February 2009

When the snow first falls, it’s magical, especially if you’re sat in a nice warm house by the fire and you see it forming a fluffy white blanket on the lawn. Then you get your mittens and your woolleys on and go outside to make snowmen, snowangels and even go sledging… but four days after it started, it’s still going on – WHEN OH WHEN WILL THE SNOW JUST STOP?!

I’m sick of it now. I walked out of my door this morning, fully anticipating the cold as i have been for last 4 months, but when it started to snow, yet again, it got me all grumpy. I’m tired of having to set aside double time to walk anywhere, and not being able to wear heels for work, just incase i slip on some’ black ice’. For me, this latest bout of snow has brought nothing but grief!

I’m dreading having to go out for my lunch and i desperately need more moisturiser for my dry chapped face due to all the cold! I have gone through a full tube just this week! I’d also like to tell people to slow down in their cars whilst the weather is like this. I’m not being a granny, but how bad would you feel if you hurtled off the road into a pedestrian? Just take care on the roads because even after the fluffy snow had disappeared, our streets and roads are going to be like ice rinks for days after…

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