The secret salt in your Valentines meal…


Tuesday 3rd February 2009

Valentines Day – you either love it or hate it! I personally love it, because even if you find yourself without a date on this admittedly hyped up day, you can always go and have a great night out with your friends. However if you do find yourself being swept off your feet this Valentines Day, you might want to read about the hidden salt in many popular restaurants’ offerings, which could have an impact on your heart and health…

Campaign group, Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) found that many popular meals contained sky-high levels of salt, posing a threat to your health and heart in the longterm. What is worse is that we as the unsuspecting customers have no way of knowing how much salt is in there, as restaurants are not currently obliged to state as such.

CASH analysed 96 dishes from popular high street restaurant chains. 6 out of 16 were found to be serving dishes way over the recommended daily salt amount of 6g. Wagamama, Old Orleans and Pizza Express were some of those tested and found guilty of ‘salt crimes‘!!

We agree with CASH that diners should be provided with information on salt content on the menus so that people can make an informed choice on what they eat. After all, people can always add more salt at the table if they find it too bland.

Read the TRUTH about food here!

Celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsey even backs us up in that salt poses many potential health threats. Not eating properly can affect your skin, motivation, as well as more serious problems in the long term. So whilst it might be OK to throw caution to the wind this Valentines Day and eat what you want, it’s probably worth watching what you eat every other time you dine out, just to keep tabs on that health of yours!

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