Get a fabulous new skin thanks to acne treatment!


Monday 2nd February 2009

Can you believe it’s February already?! I took the time at the weekend to think about how my New Years resolutions had gone during the first month… I hate to boast, but they have actually gone really well.

I made three – first one was to start saving money. Check!

Second was to get a holiday booked so I had something to look forward to. Check!

Third one was to sort my skin out after two hectic months in November and December. Well…

I started eating properly, not depriving myself of the odd treat here and there, but really being conscious of eating my fruit and veg. I have started doing a lot more exercise too by walking my dog more often and I revived my religious skin regime that i had let slip over the festive period, every morning and every night. I have noticed a great improvement  and i’m really pleased.

In fact, better skin condition and healthier eating is one of the most popular new years resolutions made each year. Whether it’s to improve it’s texture, get rid of acne, sort out those dry patches, everyone at some point would like a new skin!

Take a look at this acne treatment video testimonial from Andrea, one of our customers, who is ecstatic with the specialist acne treatment she received. And she is just one of them. It’s so easy to turn a blind eye to acne and secretly hope ‘it’s just a phase’, ‘due to stress’ and think it will go away by itself. Don’t do this – there’s no need because there are so many great treatments out there today.


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4 Responses to “Get a fabulous new skin thanks to acne treatment!”

  1. Mineral Makeup Reviews Says:

    Yes, I’ve been working on my skin as well, thank you for the links.

    • skingenesishayley Says:

      I know lots of people who have switched to using mineral makeup because it’s so much better for your skin than normal, oily products that can clog your pores. I’ve noticed a dramatic difference since using it and so have a few of my friends. When our customers leave the clinic, we always apply mineral make up to their skin so they can leave the clinic feeling confident and beautiful, without jeopardising the skin they are trying to improve.

  2. Reduce Acne Says:

    Apart from helping to clear your acne, when you give your body the water it needs you may find many other ailments start to disappear like cellulite, excess weight, headaches, pains and so many others it would be impossible to list them all here.

  3. skingenesishayley Says:

    Water is very good for your skin, no doubt about it, and when coupled with effective, natural treatments such as IPL and microdermabrasion the results can be amazing – clearer, brighter and plumper looking skin.

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