Women feel most beautiful at 32!


Friday 30th January 2009 find_us_on_facebook_badge1

Got that Friday feeling? Ready for the weekend? I know i am! It seems a lot of women across the country have that ‘flirty-thirties feeling’, with 40% stating that they felt most beautiful aged 32.

The survey was carried out by a mineral water company on the internet, questioning 1,500 women. The 40%explained that the reason they felt like this was due to the confidence they had gained from thir life experience, having active love lives and being able to find a healthy balance of eating and drinking sensibly.

Women, let’s face it, are usually their own worst enemies, so it’s very refreshing for such a positive story to come to light. We also find that out of all the women who visit our clinics, those in their early thirties are the ones with the most confidence and contentment in life. We love helping women maintain that confidence, perhaps clearing up their skin with acne treatment or making life more enjoyable with hair removal.  We want to keep you feeling like a million dollars!

Women have usually achieved so much more in their thirties than in their twenties, so these feelings are only natural.

What age did you feel most beautiful? Take our poll below:


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