Mum or doctor – who to trust when you’re ill?


Friday 23rd January 2009

The last thing I want to do when i’m ill is get up, get dressed and drag my feet to the doctors, only to be told that i have a cold and feel like i’ve been wasting precious time, so generally when i’m feeling a bit under the weather, I go straight to the person that knows me best – my mum.

Mum’s are great aren’t they? It’s as though the sheer fact that they have had a child means they automatically graduate from med school, because I don’t know about yours, but my mum always seems to know what to do! Whether it’s a cold, headache, stomach ache, cold sore – she always seems to have a remedy!

Sure some things need a doctor’s expertise, i’m not denying that, but sometimes just a few wise words from old mother-hubbard and a little cuddle is all it takes to make you feel better again.

However, iVillage has pointed out that trusting your mum over the real experts could be potentially damaging our health. Research by Panadol showed that people were more likely to approach their mothers when ill rather than sitting in the doctor’s waiting room. You can read the article here.

Now I don’t think anyone is silly enough to take their mother’s advice over a doctor’s for a life threatening illness, but when it is a little sniffle or ache, you don’t always need a doctor. If you think there may be something really wrong with you, then obviously, you see an expert. Just as you would for a skin complaint – you would go see a skin expert.

I know one thing’s for sure, when i’m feeling a bit poorly a good cup of tea works miracles for me!


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