A healthy doner kebab? Surely not!


Thursday 22nd January 2009

We’ve all been there, out on a Saturday night, got a little bit too merry and at 3am decide it’s a great idea to hit the local takeaway for a good old meaty doner kebab, complete with all the trimmings and chilli sauce dressings. I’d like to write ‘mmmmmm…’ here now, except, this doesn’t appeal to me – it did, when i was around 18 years old, living it up in my first year of university, usually merry at least 4 nights a week…

Anyway, I have just read on the BBC that the famous doner could actually be healthy for us! Yes you read that correctly, apparently because it is served with salad and pitta bread, it provides one of the healthiest takeaways available to us Brits, serving up part of our recommended vegetable intake and some carbs.

What they also note however is that whilst the traditional doner, which consists of salad, rice and lean, grilled lamb meat served on a plate, kebabs of the polystyrene variety bring with them tremendous amounts of fat and salt that we simply do not need. In fact some research on kebabs found that kebabs can contain up to two heaped teaspoons of salt and up to 160g of fat, which is the equivalent of drinking a wine glass full of cooking oil! Imagine that!

Not to mention the meat. Sure grilled, lean meat might be the healthy option for us, but in recent times, it has been highlighted that takeaway meat is rather questionable and i’m not sure that i’m entirely convinced to even taste a kebab again in the near future.

No. My kebab-tainted past is well and truly behind me and i think i’ll stick to the home made toast after a night out from now on! However, i’m not sure that Britain’s Saturday night revellers will be so sensible to think about good and bad skin foods, then just regret it in the morning! Watch a clip from Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food, ‘A kebab a day‘.

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