Your skin is like your wardrobe – a skin analysis is your style advisor


Friday 16th January 2009

It’s true that depending on your skin type, there are products, treatments and ingredients out there that will suit your skin a whole lot better than others. It’s like an outfit, certain colours and styles you wouldn’t dream of wearing, so why use skin products that also do you no justice?

It is so important to find out which products you should be using on your face, neck and hands because the prolonged use of the wrong kinds of products can result in permanent damage to the skin, causing more wrinkles and lines to appear and basically making any hang ups like acne or eczema worse than they would normally be.

A leading New York doctor, who provides treats for wealthy, rich women on Park Avenue, shares the same thoughts as us. In fact he’s provided a great way of finding out what skin type you have.  Once you know that, you are well on your way to finding out what products you should be using…

… but don’t just read the bottle labels. To care properly for your skin, an skin analysis is advised which will assess your individual moisture content, pH and sun damage. It will also determine what treatment, if any, you need to combat acne, eczema and other skin complaints.

We offer expert skin analyses free of charge (worth £100), because that’s how committed we are to improving people’s skin, so take advantage!


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