Forever-young celebrities – take anti aging steps now


Thursday 15th January 2009

There’s nothing i like more than to sit down with a cuppa, OK Magazine in hand, ready to marvel at the gorgeous gowns on the red carpet and the latest celeb ‘wedding-of-the-year’. What I have noticed recently is that the celebs who were my idols when i was younger, still look the same age as they did all those years ago!

Kylie in particular was my idol when i used to actually think i was her, dancing around my bedroom with my hairbrush, but it’s not just Kylie. As FemaleFirst point out, Madge, Demi and Jen all have a mystery air of youthfulness about them. Flawless skin, not a wrinkle in sight, flab-free – I hate them!

I don’t really hate them, in fact i pray everyday that i will look like them when i too hit my forties. Forward thinking though, I have already started planning anti aging tips how i can go about this:

  • Firstly, i have increased my water consumption to maintain a plump and youthful complexion.
  • Secondly, I have tried to start eating healthily with lots of different coloured fruit and veg.
  • Thirdly, I have bought a pedometer to count how many steps i do a day (!)
  • And fourthly, I have set up a savings account to pay for all the Botox I may need when i am 40…

… because let’s face it, these girls don’t look this good just by diet and exercise alone – or do they?!


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