The perfect island job has crashed!


Wednesday 14th January 2009

I’m sure we’re not telling you anything new when we point out that the Queensland Tourism Board in Australia are advertising the ideal, perfect, dream… what ever you want to call it… job for a caretaker for one its most beautiful islands, Hamilton. However the website that is hosting the job post has crashed after receiving a record number of visitors in just one day!

I must admit, i was intrigued after first seeing the vacancy in the Metro newspaper, so i tried to visit the site to have a read, only to find it wouldn’t even load. The £6000-a-month job attracted nearly 400,000 visitors in the first day and a half, a figure that they had expected over a period of six months! It seems that the website has gone into visitor overdrive and crashed to the ground as it couldn’t cope!

The job is part of a campaign to ‘show off’ what the islands have to offer and the role will involve writing a daily blog, compiling video diaries and collecting the post! It’s a job all of us have probably never even dreamed existed! Let’s just hope the website gets back up and running soon so we can all apply…

… Now, get to the back of the queue!

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