Lack of sleep makes you sneeze…


Tuesday 13th January 2008

If you feel like you have had about 10 colds, one after the other this season, scientists may have found an explanation as to why some people are more susceptible to the virus… LACK OF SLEEP!

Yes that’s right, those who get less than seven hours sleep are apparently more likely to catch a cold than those who snooze away for eight or more. That’s fine, at the weekends when you have time to spare, but with people’s busy lifestyles, who has time to sleep for more than eight hours?! I’m lucky if I get six and I feel fine, in fact I don’t think i’ve had a cold this winter yet – touch wood.

I think a person’s need for sleep totally depends on individuality, some need more, some can get by on less. I will say one thing though… that old tale about getting your beauty sleep is definitely true.

Too many nights staying up until the early hours watching films and having midnight feasts, then getting up for work the next morning can definitely take its toll on the skin. Sleep deprivation causes dark circles and ‘bags’ under the yes, which are in themselves unattractive, however it can also leave the skin looking dull, tired and dry. So what is the toll of the 9 to 5 lifestyle on your skin

One thing you can do to combat sleepy skin is to pamper yourself at least once a week. Invest in a good quality face mask – best done on a Friday night after a week’s hard work. A good daily moisturiser keeps wrinkles and flakes at bay and the best medicine – a bit of shut eye. It works wonders!

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