IPL – the miracle acne treatment!


Tuesday 6th January 2009

OK, so we don’t really like labelling things as ‘miracle treatments’ as people tend to see this as bit cliché. However Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy could well be described as that, especially for as an acne treatment.

Yes IPL works wonders on acne and acne scarred tissue, providing a powerful but effective therapy to give you a flawless skin. It works by using light to target and treat specific sites within the skin and the light energy is absorbed naturally bringing many benefits to the complexion. You can read more about Intense Pulsed Light and you will see that it can be adminstered to tackle many body hang ups as well as acne, such as unwanted hair, redness/blotchyness, broken capillaries, age spots, birthmarks, freckles, sun damage and many more!

Tell us about your IPL experiences by commenting below!

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