Act fast with acne treatment to protect your skin


Monday 22nd December 2009

If there is one thing we would tell anyone with acne, it would be to seek professional advice and professional acne treatment as soon as it starts to become a problem. If it is left, hoping it will just disappear, that is when the real problems can start and your acne can start to worsen.

Everyone who suffers from this common problem will know that acne can scar your skin, and severe cases of acne need to be treated very carefully to avoid permanent damage to the skin.

We have found that some people with acne are reluctant to seek medical advice on the condition, with reasons ranging from feeling silly, or like they are wasting the professional’s time, to being embarrassed to show it to anyone. There are thousands of ‘natural remedies’ out there, using essential oils and minerals, and these can work wonders on very mild cases of acne. However when your little pimples start to become larger, inflamed, cyst-like imperfections, it is time to seek advice on how to deal with them effectively and safely.

Acne is difficult to live with for any age group, however a little perseverence goes a long way and within weeks it is possible to improve the condition of your skin. It starts from within, and our treatments in particular treat acne from the core, targeting the site at which the blemishes can be found. Depending on the severity, we combine a regime that’s right for you, from skin peels and microdermabrasion to intense pulsed light therapies.

You don’t have to suffer in silence, hoping it will cure itself. Leave us a note below and we’ll get back to you with what you can do to help your skin.


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