Healing acne takes time


Friday 19th December 2008

Anyone who suffers from acne will know that it doesn’t just disappear miraculously overnight and they might also have found that most over the counter creams and medicines simply do not work. The secret to healing acne is to take your time and implement an acne treatment plan that will work, then stick to it.

Acne is an underlying skin problem, and whilst creams may reduce swelling as a quick fix before a night out, they do not dig deep to core of the problem. Targeting the site of the cause of acne is what you must do, particularly in severe cases.

Everyone’s body is different, so everyone needs a different programme of treatment to get the best results. Here at SkinGenesis we tailor a plan that suits you and you only: first we assess your skin, then we decide on the best treatment. But it doesn’t stop there, we stick with you to provide a specialist aftercare programme too, advising on what you should do at home to keep acne at bay.

Here we work on a scale of severity, for example mild acne breakouts would include anti-bacterial peels and microdermabrasion, whereas for more severe cases, we might also use Intense Pulsed Light and sometimes, mesotherapy. Our treatments are also effective on scarring too. You can read more about our scales of severity and more info on acne treatment at the SkinGenesis website.

Our key advice would be to persevere, because once you have the right acne treatment that suits your skin, it’s only a matter of time before you notice a BIG difference!


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