Contact lenses for cats?!


Thursday 18th December 2008

We just had to comment on a story we read on today . The RSPCA tells us about Ernest the cat, who suffers from a condition called entropion, which means his eyelids close inwards and scratch his eyeballs. To remedy the situation, vets have advised Ernest to wear contact lenses – yes that’s right – contact lenses to protect his little peepers!
We thought this story was so cute, we just had to let you know about it! Ernest’s carers state that he his a lot happier since receiving his lenses, as he can now open his eyes instead of walking around with them shut. They also say that he his a lot more wary of dogs because he can now see them, when before, he wasn’t phased by them at all – no wonder!

Looks like Specsavers might have a whole new clientele before long…


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