Mesotherapy – the key treatment to cellulite & fat reduction


Friday 12th December 2008

Many of our clients come into our clinics with various issues about their body, from cellulite, excess fat, thread veins, aged skin and many more.  The truth is, mesotherapy is a kind of miracle treatment because it treats so many things, especially Cellulite Treatment and Fat Reduction.

The Consulting Room have given a great overview of mesotherapy here, and you can see how mesotherapy works at the SkinGenesis website. Here you will see some great before and after images, proving that this treatment really does work. It works differently for individual clients, like anything does, and results also depend on the problem and severity of the case.

Mesotherapy works by injecting small amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, targeted specifically at the site of concern, so only the problematic area is treated. It doesn’t hurt and you can resume your normal daily routine straight away. Treatments take 10 to 20 minutes and a course of treatments is advised for best results.

So if you would like to bust that cellulite on the thighs, or flatten that tummy or even just look more youthful, mesotherapy could be your new friend! If you’re thinking about it, it is definitely worth discussing it with the experts before making any decisions. We are always happy to have a friendly chat with you if you want more info, and you will find the relevant numbers on the SkinGenesis website.

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