‘Credit crunch non-surgical facelift’ on the rise


Wednesday 10th December 2008

We’ve noticed it for a while – the surge in the number of people approaching us about alternatives to going under the knife – and it seems that the ‘credit crunch non-surgical facelift‘ is on the rise as the recession bites even harder.

Now, the term ‘credit crunch facelifts’ does not mean scrimping on your skin, nor is it in anyway a ‘budget’ alternative to surgical procedures. It is rather a much more affordable and cost efficient option, which has to be a bonus to anyone in the current economic climate. Dr Newman’s clinics have noticed the same effect, stating that non-surgical skin treatments are up by 60%.

Opting for less invasive procedures means that any treatments you have will be administered gradually with results being more natural. This way you won’t appear 55 one day and 35 the next, as is sometimes the case with the more unnatural surgical procedures. The treatments are usually done at intervals for maximum effects, so you don’t have to have any time off work and you can pay in instalments.

Hear what Janice had to say about her anti aging treatment SkinGym:

So while the kids will have had their Christmas, maybe the New Year is a time to start thinking of yourself? You know you deserve it! What’s more, SkinGenesis offers acne, cellulite and thread vein treatments and much more, such as skin rejuvenation in Leeds, Manchester and Chester, with some fabulous offers on at the moment. You can even have a no obligation Expert Skin Analysis too to see what treatments, if any, you need.

Visit the SkinGenesis website for clinic phone numbers or for more info.


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