Pining for summer already?


Tuesday 9th December 2008

… I know i am! This morning was the first morning that i woke up and thought, “Eugh. Winter”. I love winter, in fact, I love the four seasons that we have in this country, but after a million mornings of getting up in the dark, setting off for work in the dark and then coming home in the dark, not to mention it’s freezing outside, all I want to do is curl up and hibernate until summer comes around!

I know UK summers aren’t great, but at least you don’t have to wear 10 layers of clothing and walk around with dry chapped skin for months on end. I was at a fashion show on Saturday, walking around the exhibition, trying out all the latest products and there it was, the biggest ‘Fake Bake’ stand I have ever seen! I think the demonstrator has managed to convert me again from being really anti-fake tan, to wanting to slap it on by the bottle load – because their new products look so good!

The airbrush product adds an instant ‘quick-fix’ for any last minute nights out, whilst still absorbing into the skin to develop a perfect tan that can last up to 5 days. While their traditional lotion product is better than ever, creating a tan that lasts up to 10 days without making you appear orange! Couple this with their bronzers and make-up, specially designed for fake tanned skin, you can look like a summer goddess, even in the middle of this bitter winter! Btw, have you tried the excellent Jane Iredale mineral makeup?

I’m not wholly converted yet, as I don’t know how long i will put the effort in to maintaining a tan, but i’m definitely tempted. I will definitely use Fake Bake anyway, as I think it’s the best value tan, and I don’t think anyone wants to be wasting their money at the moment. It’s also inside Cheryl Cole’s make-up bag! If anything, it’s got to make summer feel that little bit closer. Hasn’t it?


One Response to “Pining for summer already?”

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