Strokes – campaign to act fast!


Monday 8th December 2008

In the New Year, the Department of Health will launch a new campaign to teach and warn people about the initial symptoms of a stroke, with the system of ‘FAST’ being the very backbone of the campaign.

‘FAST’ stands for:

Facial weakness,

Arm weakness,

Speech problems and

Time to dial 999.

We think this is a fantastic way of alerting people to the early stages of a stroke and could potentially save the lives and health of thousands of people across UK. It’s surprising how many people would not be able to spot the symptoms, most of them thinking that they simply feel unwell or a bit tired.

If you think you may have suffered, or are suffering from a stroke using the FAST method, it’s worth calling 999 or visiting your doctor, just to get checked out. Early diagnosis and emergency treatment can ultimately prevent permanent disability or worse, so it’s important to bear these factors in mind when you feel unwell.

You can read more about the stroke campaign at the Health Repubic website.



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