Happiness is Infectious!


Friday 5th December 2008

I don’t know about you but I’ve got that Friday feeling and i’m looking forward to fantastic weekend! I found out today that happiness is infectious, so if your friends are happy, you’ll be happy!

You might not believe me in the current times, but there is so much to be happy about! The most notable is the fact that it is nearly Christmas and everyone is in the ‘party swing’. Yes the festive season is the most fun of the year in my opinion. It’s the only time of the year where you can get away with being silly, buying people presents for no reason and basically just having a really good time whatever you’re doing!

Recent research has suggested that happiness rubs off onto others and can ‘ripple’ through social circles. What a lovely thought, someone laughs and just like a Mexican wave it ripples through the group making everyone laugh in turn! I have a weekend planned with the girls this Saturday, so it’s bound to be hilarious!

What’s more, laughing and smiling is much better for your appearance than frowning. Laughter lines are loads more attractive than frownlines on your forehead. Plus if you do get unwanted lines on your face from laughing a bit too much, there’s always botox or fillers at SkinGenesis!

I want everyone who reads this to make sure they have a great weekend with their friends and family. Crack a joke, go for a drink or do something plain silly and literally spread a bit of happiness. It is nearly Christmas afterall!

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