Melanotan… increasing concerns from users


Wednesday 3rd December 2008

We wrote a post on here a few weeks ago about the availability of tan injections called Melanotan. We have since seen a surge of people searching for these injections on Google and the like and most of them seemed to enquire about the safety of them. So we’re here to give you even more info on whether you should go ahead and inject yourself with these chemicals.

Firstly, in my opinion, the sheer fact that this seems wholly unnatural is enough to steer me away from this product, but to all the tan-fans out there, it may be worth reading this before spending your Christmas money on them.

This link gives you the low down on the effects of melanotan, the side effects and the different types available, as well as the chemical breakdown of the compound and how it works in your body. I think, judging by this article, it’s fair to say that the side effects alone will make you think twice about reaching for the needle, as well as the largely untested/unregulated nature of the chemical. I hate to be a sheep, but if you take a look in Heat magazine and watch the catwalks, it’s no longer the ‘in-thing’ to look even remotely orange, with people adopting a paler, more natural ‘English Rose’ look.

Unless a tan is real, caught by careful exposure of the skin to the sun, then everyone will know it’s fake anyway! What is the point in risking your health, without knowing about all the dangers and permanent side effects of melanotan? There have even been instances, as you will read at the link above, of people turning too tanned due to the wrong dosage – and it lasts much longer than Dove Summer Glow!

Have you tried melanotan? Would you consider using it once it has gone through more rigorous tests?


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