Fit notes, not sick notes


Tuesday 2nd December 2008

We were reading the Sky News website this morning and we came across Government plans to introduce ‘fit notes’ instead of sick notes. Instead of stating what you’re not fit to do, the new scheme will assess what you are able to do.

We think this is fantastic! It will have a really positive impact in the workplace and serve the purpose of finding tasks that people can do, so that those who do want to get back to work, can. It will also probably prevent those skivers from bringing in a sick note and playing on their XBox all day or playing online poker!

It’s good because it means that people who would normally have a practical/physical job and have an accident don’t have to stay off work for too long because the fit note will identify tasks that they can carry out, which might mean a temporary stint in a different department for example. It also means the person’s condition is managed without them overexerting themselves.

What do you think? Do you think the new scheme will work?



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