‘Man-boob’ reductions on the rise


Monday 1st December 2008

It’s all over the news this morning, we’ve heard it on the radio, read it online as well as in the papers: operations on man-boobs are on the rise.

Some men are apparently more likely to suffer from ‘man boobs’ than others, the BBC reporting that those who are overweight or use cannabis are more susceptible to the problem. It’s a real problem that can cause severe embarrassment, loss of confidence and even depression.

The correct term for them is ‘Gynaecomastia’ and it’s a medical condition that cause breast tissue to form in the same way as it does in females. It is thought that men who have excess levels of the female hormone oestrogen can suffer from this.

Going under the knife is becoming more commonplace for men and we don’t think they should feel embarrassed about having it done either. In fact, other surgical procedures are gaining popularity by the day amongst men, including nose jobs, liposuction and face lifts. We particularly have a significant number of male clients who visit SkinGenesis for various non-surgical skin treatment, for example fat reduction and hair removal for men, and we think it’s great that men are finally realising that caring for your skin is not just for girls!

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