Our SkinGym is much nicer than Kilroy’s Jungle Gym!


Friday 21st November 2008

If you have tuned into I’m a celebrity get me out of here this year, you will have seen that it is the most gruesome ever and anyone with the coldest of hearts would have felt a little bit of sympathy for poor old Kilroy last night!

The Jungle Gym saw the poor 66 year old battle through various ‘gym equipment’, joined by a number of little friends. From sticking his head in a bucket of eels, then rats, then to having every single creepy crawly you can think of poured over him as he did his bench presses, the whole episode was truly cringey to watch! The worst part was him drinking a cochroach, spider, eyeball – whatever was in it – smoothie!

Our SkinGym is a lot more pleasant! In just 40 days you can transform your skin, as it is one of the most intense anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatment programmes. Wrinkles are reduced, skin is tightened and lifted, pores appear smaller, and skin tone is evened out. And these are just some of the benefits, with not a spider in sight!

Read more about our SkinGym anti aging programme here, then come and see us for a free skin anaylsis with no obligations. If you do decide to go ahead, we have a special off peak price at the moment, the details of which you can find on the link above.

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