Tan injections?! How bizarre!


Thursday 20th November

A hot topic in the world of skin at the moment is the availability of injectable tans, yes that’s right, tans that you inject – but SkinGenesis would like to warn tan-fans to be cautious if they’re thinking about giving this whirl.

There’s the old beauty ritual of ‘no pain-no gain’, however just because they’re available doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re safe to use. The product is called ‘Melanotan’, however it remains unlicensed and has not undergone the usual rigorous testing that ensures safety and quality.

The Yorkshire Post did a feature on this on Tuesday and commented that the quest for a perfect tan had taken a ‘worrying turn’.

I personally don’t know how anyone can use such products without knowing that their health will be left unscathed. What is the point of risking your wellbeing in the name of vanity, especially when you can get great results out of a bottle? Afterall, tanning creams and bronzers seem the safest way to become a bronzed goddess. UV rays may cause you to develop cancer and the risks of these new injections are simply unknown. One girl in the YP feature had said that she had injected herself twelve times in just three weeks! That’s more or less every other day!

The regulation of cosmetic procedures in Britain and the rest of Europe is fairly lax when compared to that in the USA. It could even be said that we Brits are guinea pigs in new treatments!

Tell us if you have tried this new tanning method, or do you think it’s absolutely ridiculous?


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One Response to “Tan injections?! How bizarre!”

  1. Melanotan United States Says:

    It is not ridiculous,well it depends on the users’ point of view. Many takes melanotan nowadays but many of them too got good effects specially on its tanning result.

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