Personalised acne treatment – Attack acne from all angles!


Wednesday 19th November 2008

Around 80% of people suffer with acne at some point in their lives and it can be an extremely uncomfortable, confidence crunching experience for some. You might find that treatments from Boots and Superdrug just don’t make the grade and medication prescribed by doctors can bring with it unwelcome side effects. So what can you do?

You could take a leaf out of our book and tackle acne head on from a number of angles. The SkinGenesis acne treatment takes an all round approach, starting from understanding the root causes of acne, thinking about your diet, treatments to help eradicate your blemishes, right through to the suitable after-care that is required for your skin.

Take a look at our Squidoo lense on how to treat acne effectively. You’ll have clearer, more radiant skin in no time and I bet you’ll wonder what all the fuss was all about!

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