Latest fad or not, Mesotherapy Fat Reduction works!


Tuesday 18 November 2008

It really annoys me when new treatments are labelled as ‘fads’, as this automatically makes you think it’s useless and that it doesn’t work. The Times of India site today stated that “Mesotherapy is the latest beauty fad for those fighting the ‘look-good, look-young’ battle” . Now, although the articles goes on to describe some of benefits of mesotherapy, I think it was slightly misleading to call it a fad.

There’s no doubt about it, mesotherapy works and is somewhat of a miracle treatment for all sorts of body hang ups.  Fat reduction, cellulite treatmentstretch mark removal, love handles, ‘bingo wings’, or saggy stomachs, you name it, mesotherapy more than likely can bust it!

It’s much safer than going under the knife and there’s also no recovery time, which is a bonus as you can resume your normal everyday life, like going to work or socialising to show off your new flat tummy! 

Let us know about your mesotherapy experiences by leaving us a comment below.

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